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Still using microbeads in your products?

Microbeads. Are you still using plastic microbeads, when you could use hemp seed bran which is packed full of moisturizing oils and vitamin e, its also a great exfoliant! You don’t need added plastic microbeads in your bathroom that harm the

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Award Winning Natural Shampoo Bar

Thank you to all who voted and made our Soap an Award Winning Natural Soap at The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2015! Green Parent are having a Natural Beauty party on Facebook for the whole of July 2015 – come over and

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Eczema, Psoriasis and Sensitive Skin

Eczema, Psoriasis and Sensitive Skin. We are always talking to people who’s lives are blighted by skin reactions to Detergent and Commercial Soap (same thing really). A lot of those people don’t even realise the soap they are using is

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How Commercial soap has fooled us all.

The Commercial Soap Con. As the industrial age became more and more technologically advanced, cleaning agents, detergents and soaps all became brighter, smellier and better at removing oil and dirt. They became cheaper and could be produced in massive amounts.

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Why we support Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free International is the worlds only organisation that concentrates solely on ending all animal testing for cosmetics, of which soap is one. They have done such good work that any new cosmetics made in the EU now cannot have been

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Say No To Palm Oil

What is the problem with Palm Oil? We are all part of the planet’s worst ecological disaster and Primate genocide ever. How? By using products with palm oil in them. Most products you wouldn’t even guess contained it. An area

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Why use Natural Soap?

Why Look For Natural Soap? The next time you go to buy some soap and are confronted by the heady scents and overly bright colours filling the shop’s toiletry shelves, stop for a moment to read the labels. Most of

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