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Sarah’s experience after 2 months of use…

Our family have resolved to become as plastic free as possible so when I saw this company online when researching shampoo bars I was first and fore mostly impressed with their ethics and cost. I’ve been using their shampoo bars for just over two months now and feel that I have put them through enough to warrant a fair, honest review.

I have shoulder length coloured hair and don’t use any styling products so when I read about ‘The Purge’ (the transition from bottles shampoo to a bar) I felt confident that I could cope. First of all, be prepared for the instant change in texture to your hair. The sleek, silky sheen you’re used to is instantly replaced with what feels like straw. I learnt very quickly that I had to wash my hair differently. Rinsing is the key. Rinse, rinse and rinse some more. Then repeat to get a really good second lather (the first lather is always a bit ‘thin’) but get a luxurious, foamy, silky smooth lather going on the second wash and rinse, rinse, rinse. The texture of your hair will improve as the natural oils balance it back out but you’ve gone cold turkey from beads of plastic conditioning to natural conditioning and it’s going to protest!

The next phase in ‘The Purge’ was my hair went waxy, almost crackly and static as I brushed it. At this point I almost started losing faith in the bar but after using the Apple Cider vinegar rinse, my faith was restored. This miracle worker cleans excess soap from my hair and nourishes it. Your hair may be different but I’ve discovered that after using the vinegar, drying and straightening my hair it feels good but leave it a couple of days until the next hair wash and wow!!! Totally manageable, smooth, fabulous hair! Experiment with the vinegar to water ratio depending on how much build up you get, but once a week I treat my hair to this vinegar rinse.

Having taken the shampoo bar on holiday I put my hair (and the bar) through its paces. Saunas, steam rooms, sea water and swimming pool: all sorts of heats and waters to mess with me. The shampoo bar mocked my efforts to find fault. My hair was as it was before I went on holiday in a hot country for a week. Amazing!

Now, I wouldn’t be without these amazing shampoo bars. Indeed we now have the full range of soaps, shaving bars, travel bars and shampoo bars in our home. They smell wonderful and every part of the packaging is plastic free and recyclable. My best advice is that perseverance is the key although it took my hair about 3 weeks to fully ‘purge’ I’d never go back. Thank you Friendly Soap!!


Shampoo - Lavender & Tea Tree
Shampoo - Lavender & Tea Tree
friendly soap - Shampoo Bar Lavender and Geranium
friendly soap - Shampoo Bar Lavender and Geranium bar

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