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While you begin out within the great world of cleaning soap making there’s a number of terminology that you’ll want to get your head spherical. It may be complicated, however you don’t essentially must know the language of cleaning soap making to begin creating your individual cleaning soap. It would all fall into place over time so don’t run earlier than you’ll be able to stroll.

To make your life simpler and make it easier to out I’ve put collectively a useful information of the most typical phrases utilized in cleaning soap making. Have a learn by means of and be happy to get in contact if there’s something essential that you simply assume I may need missed!


In response to Wikipedia an alkali is a fundamental salt of an alkali metallic and it may be dissolved in water. An alkali is what you want to flip oils and butters into cleaning soap. Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is an alkali salt and is commonly referred to as caustic soda. That is used to make bar cleaning soap. Potassium hydroxide (KOH) is an alkali salt used to make liquid cleaning soap and is usually referred to as caustic potash. Lye is a generic time period for both of those salts.

Caustic Soda

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is commonly referred to as caustic soda. Also called lye.

Chilly Course of Cleaning soap or CP Cleaning soap

Chilly course of cleaning soap is made utilizing the standard technique of cleaning soap making which doesn’t contain ‘cooking’ the cleaning soap at excessive temperatures. The one warmth concerned is solely for melting stable oils (resembling coconut) and stable butters (resembling shea).


Chilly course of cleaning soap will want at the least four weeks of curing time to permit the saponification course of to finish and it ensures that the cleaning soap is able to use. If used earlier than this course of is accomplished the cleaning soap should still be caustic and aggravating on the pores and skin. Persistence is required right here! Don’t fear there isn’t any lye current in cured cleaning soap as a result of throughout saponification the alkalinity of the lye is cancelled out by the acidic oils.

Gel Stage

That is an non-obligatory stage in cleaning soap making and refers to insulating your cleaning soap as soon as poured into the moulds to retain the warmth. That is used as it could enhance color and hardness. Some important oils could cause cleaning soap to gel with out insulation. Some cleaning soap makers attempt to forestall the gel stage by inserting their mould within the fridge after pouring the cleaning soap.


A biproduct of making cleaning soap is glycerine which is of course moisturising. The glycerine is often eliminated by industrial cleaning soap producers.


This can be a generic time period for an alkali and is used to consult with Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH).

Lye Low cost

This can be a time period utilized by cleaning soap makers to consult with the lye low cost in a cleaning soap recipe to depart unsaponified oils in bar cleaning soap to offer additional moisturising properties. Lye low cost can be referred to as superfat.


The molecular components for Sodium Hydroxide.


pH is a scale to measure the acidity or alkalinity of an answer. A pH of seven is impartial, decrease values are extra acidic and better values are extra alkaline. The common pH of handmade cleaning soap is 9. You need to use pH take a look at strips to check the pH of your cleaning soap, however these ought to be used for steerage solely as you’ll not acquire an actual studying.


Saponification is the method by which cleaning soap is produced from an answer of oils and lye. When fatty acids are combined with lye (sodium hydroxide) on the proper temperature there’s a chemical response and the tip result’s cleaning soap.

SAP (Saponification) Worth

Each oil utilized in cleaning soap making has a saponification worth. You’ll find a SAP chart in most cleaning soap making books which lists all of the oils and their corresponding values. The quantity refers back to the quantity of an alkali answer required to saponify an oil and switch it into cleaning soap.

Soda Ash

Soda ash can kind on the floor of chilly course of cleaning soap. It’s a white powdery residue and completely innocent. There isn’t any idiot proof method to forestall it, however you’ll be able to scale back the chance of it forming by spritzing the floor of your cleaning soap with surgical spirit after pouring your cleaning soap right into a mould.

Sodium Hydroxide

That is an alkali used to make bar cleaning soap. It’s usually referred to as caustic soda and is also referred to as lye.


This can be a time period utilized by cleaning soap makers to consult with the additional oils added to a cleaning soap recipe to offer additional moisturising properties. You need to use a superfat vary of between 1 and eight %. Superfat can be referred to as lye low cost.


That is the purpose in making cleaning soap the place as soon as your oils and lye are combined collectively, they begin to thicken, and you’ll drizzle a number of the combination onto the floor and it leaves a hint. You’ll be able to combine cleaning soap to a skinny or a thick hint. After getting reached the hint stage that is the place the enjoyable begins, and you’ll add scents and colors. You could work shortly after getting reached hint stage because the cleaning soap will proceed to thicken and you want to pour it into your moulds earlier than it will get too thick.

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