Brett in piccadilly gardens with handmade soap

So while Friendly Soap & Brett from Creative Headspace was out guerilla gifting, they had to take a break to let Brett talk live on air with Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills. Here’s what happened…. (Sound on essential)

We don’t want to be, nor will we become a vast line list of products converting shoppers from commodity plastic items, simply to more trend led ‘eco-friendly’ options.

We are truly passionate about nature, the climate & our planet. We stock in everything we sell as we want you to experience an authenticity others cannot offer. We package everything by hand & without single use plastic, providing you with quality & 1:1 customer service

We’re here to support a conscious lifestyle & we take what we do seriously by playing an active part in supporting causes & charities through our own direct contributions, our partnerships & through our wonderful brands.

Just like you, we are worried for our future & want to try to be part of helping influence change against consumerism which has consumed us all on a global scale & make it easier for customers to #buybetterfornature

We’re different, because we choose to fully support UK manufacture. By scrutinising all of our suppliers, their manufacturing processes, the product ingredients & their carbon footprint before listing a product, we feel we can offer our customers the best quality & value for money. In addition, every purchase gives back & minimises impact on the planet.

That’s why we partnered with Friendly soap. We only ever, create long lasting partnerships with brands who share our ethos & ethics. Friendly soaps lather up so wonderfully, a lot of our customers say that they don’t know why they moved away from soap in the first place!

We specifically like the Aloe Vera version, because it’s gentle on every skin type, no matter your age! It’s definitely one of our ‘go to’s’ in our home.

Our community is growing & we absolutely love interacting with our customers, whether it’s through meeting you at a fair, through our social media content or via our website


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