Decarbonising the Friendly Soap supply chain

We are proud to be part of the world’s first initiative that decarbonises a company’s supply chain by actually replacing fossil fuels with truly sustainable alternatives.

Every day, thousands of ships cross our oceans carrying 90% of our goods. The shipping industry is currently using the dirtiest fossil fuel in the world.

Emissions from transport are projected to grow 50% to 250% by 2050.

Energy efficiency alone will not enable a carbon-neutral growth in the industry.

Together with Good Shipping, we are decarbonising the Friendly Soap supply chain by replacing freight fossil fuels with truly sustainable alternatives.

Our aim here is to take a different and innovative approach by actually changing the fuel mix, shifting away from fossil fuels and tackling the problem at its roots.

Sustainable marine fuel reduces carbon emissions and sulfur by 100% and also significantly reduces black carbon and nitrogen.

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Together, a better world.

“Sustainable frontrunners – We take climate change seriously and strive to do what is necessary for our planet, we believe we are setting new norms by shipping sustainably.”

GEOFF KEROUAC – Friendly Soap Director

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