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A journey from bottle to bar

A journey from bottle to bar

My transition to shampoo bars.

I honestly didn’t even know shampoo bars existed until I visited my son and his girlfriend (Imogen) in Edinburgh and they were using them. The idea of the 3 in 1 travel soap was really appealing as we spend about 10 weeks a year travelling in our campervan. Imogen stocks Friendly products in her shop and recommended them so I did my first order with them in August. I was beyond excited when my order arrived. But I can honestly say my first week did not go well! I live in Hull which is a hard water area and my hair felt disgusting. It was waxy and felt itchy and I could not get a comb through my hair. It was literally full of knots and felt like straw. This wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for! I then read a lot about shampoo bars and realised that it could take a while to adjust. An initial rookie error was thinking I had too much soap on and used less but actually you do need to get a good lather so more is better or the soap residue stays in your hair and is impossible to rinse. You definitely do need to rinse a lot and I finished with a cold water rinse which helped a little bit. During the first week I just washed my hair every day and left it to dry and then tied it up. It was pointless even pretending it looked or felt ok ! The second week I did the baking soda rinse using this before I used the bar and could tell there was an improvement with the amount of lather I got though my hair was still really knotty when first washed. I continued with this every time I washed my hair. It was still waxy and felt like it had product on (ironically making it easier to style and it looked better than it felt). The third week I could tell I was making slow progress but it was tempting to give up as we were going to a family wedding. My hair still felt like I had product on but didn’t look too bad. It was whilst I was back in Edinburgh and using the shampoo bar that I realised how much difference the water made. My hair lathered really well and rinsed easily and I could get a comb through it ! By the fourth week my hair had adjusted to the shampoo bar and the hard water. I don’t use the baking soda now at all. My hair feels soft and silky. I have just bought the conditioner bar and am looking forward to seeing how that feels too. I’m really happy I stuck with it. It was a bit of a painful process but it was absolutely worth it I wouldn’t go back to shampoo in a bottle now and I am recommending Friendly Soap to everyone I know!


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