Handmade Soap Saturation For Skin

It’s nature to the rescue! We are all too aware of the importance of hand washing and you might be feeling the effects of dry skin. Adding a Friendly Butter Bar to your daily routine can really help to keep your skin hydrated and soft.

Washing hair – When I started using the bar it made my hair feel a bit greasy after washing but my hair quickly got used to it. Full disclosure, using the bar does feel a bit more like using soap than the other shampoo bars Ive tried from Friendly, but with a bit of conditioner after the hair feels great once its dried.

As body soap

The smell is refreshing with lemongrass, lavender, tea tree and peppermint. If you use it as body soap the smell lasts all day and can even help repel insects.

Washing clothes

This is actually on of my favourite ways to use the bar and it’s perfect when you notice a small stain or mark and you don’t want to wash the whole shirt or jacket. It’s easy to use and it lathers up so fast it doesn’t take long to get the stain out. Some of my friends also like to put a chunk of the bar in the washing machine for a more natural alternative to most detergents.

Washing hands

Like most of us, recently I’ve been washing my hands a lot more than usual and I’ve noticed my skin getting really dry. Luckily this bar is really moisturising and I noticed as soon as I switched over to it my skin felt a lot healthier.

I’m sure there are lots of other uses but those are the four ways I use the bar most often. Even though right now travel is restricted, this bar is really convenient even at home. Plus the fact that the bar is so useful makes it ideal for travelling when you don’t want to waste space with five different bottles, in fact it’s great for camping and any other times you want to pack light. This bar is perfect for anyone wanting to support a local, ethical business while reaping the benefits of such an innovative product, and I couldn’t recommend it enough.


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