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Helping to promote eco habits

Helping to promote eco habits

Students save on Friendly Soap with Nido Student.

During your time at university, we know money can be tight for students. With the cost of books, travel and general expenses it can feel like you never have the opportunity to treat yourself to something nice. As part of a partnership with Nido Student, Friendly Soap wants to give students the opportunity to save 20% on products. (Via an allocated voucher code)

Nido Student is aligned with the values of Friendly Soap, putting ethics above profit. All Friendly Soap products are cruelty-free and approved by The Vegan Society to focus on sustainability and offer products that have a low impact but high quality.

Who are Nido Student?

Nido Student offers accommodation across the UK for university students from over 100 countries. Currently offering rooms across 120+ locations, Nido Student offers something a little more than the standard university halls experience. Students can expect a tailor-made experience that takes into consideration all areas of student life, Including 24/7 gyms and cinema rooms.

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