Natural body soap are Silk Pillowcases Really Worth It?

Lately, wherever we (toss &) flip, there’s somebody raving about silk pillowcases, so we determined to strive them out for ourselves. We’re at all times trying to find hair hacks to make our lives simpler and this one may need been below our nostril (uh, or head) this complete time. Can waking up with creaseless, frizz-less, easy hair simply be one pillowcase away?

Two of our editors with utterly totally different hair varieties put Slip Silk Pillowcases to the check. Kathryn has positive, curly/wavy, color-processed hair with greasy roots and dry ends and normally sleeps on a linen pillowcase. Nurain however has positive, straight hair with greasy roots and usually sleeps on an ordinary cotton pillowcase. Each of them slept on silk pillowcases for 5 nights, and right here’s what went down.
Day 1: Each editors washed and air-dried their hair earlier within the day and went to mattress excited to see if sleeping on the silk pillowcase would protect their hair.

Wavy/curly hair: “I usually get up with a complete rat’s nest of snarls, frizz and chunks of straight hair that misplaced their curl in a single day, however I used to be truly fairly amazed with how not snarled and tangled my hair was after an evening on the silk pillowcase. My typical lion’s mane was nothing greater than a minor case of bedhead, which I may simply tame with a number of spritzes of water and my regular styling merchandise. Shade me impressed.” —Kathryn

Straight hair: “Not solely did the silk pillowcase make going to mattress really feel further luxe , however I additionally woke as much as a extra voluminous head of hair. Normally, my already positive hair one way or the other manages to get flatter in a single day, however I used to be pleasantly shocked to see my hair preserve extra of its quantity the subsequent morning. I wouldn’t say it added quantity however it positively didn’t take it away both—I’ll take it. —Nurain
Day 2: Our editors didn’t wash their hair to see if the pillowcase would assist them go longer between washes.

Wavy/curly hair: “I used to be curious to see if sleeping on the silk pillowcase would assist in my lifelong quest of reaching the legendary ‘Day Three Hair.’ My hair did look higher than regular after I awoke—a lot much less frizzy and with fewer snarls that I’ve to painstakingly untangle by hand. My hair was nonetheless fairly oily, so I suppose the pillowcase didn’t do a lot in combating third-day greasy roots. However with out my typical snarls and frizz halo to struggle, it was nothing a bit of (okay, a number of) dry shampoo couldn’t repair.” —Kathryn

Straight hair: “My second-day hair felt lots softer and smoother, however alas, it didn’t look (or really feel) any much less greasy than typical. It was a lot much less tangled with fewer knots to comb out within the morning which led to much less breakage, for positive. With positive hair, I’ll save each strand that I can.”—Nurain
Day 3: Our editors washed their hair proper earlier than mattress and slept with damp hair.

Wavy/curly hair: “Normally for me, going to mattress with damp hair is a large mistake—I get up with lumpy, lifeless waves. So I used to be curious to see if the silk pillowcase would assist in any respect. Once I awoke, my hair was unbelievably silky—I couldn’t consider how easy it was to the contact. I didn’t get a lot in the way in which of curl or quantity, however that wasn’t an enormous shock, given my hair dried whereas my head was smashed right into a pillow. I most likely received’t repeat this experiment, however the outcomes have been higher than I anticipated.”

Straight hair: “I normally attempt to keep away from sleeping with damp hair, it doesn’t matter what. It normally results in undesirable frizz and strangely-placed waves and creases that no fast styling can save, so this positively made me a bit nervous. However, I used to be pleasantly shocked to get up to frizz-free, crease-free hair! With the ability to bathe at evening and head straight to mattress with out ready for my hair to dry? Complete gamechanger!”—Nurain
Day 4: Our editors headed to mattress with styled hair to see if the pillowcase would preserve or prolong the lifetime of the styling.

Wavy/curly hair: “I wished to see how effectively the silk pillowcase would preserve my blowout—blowouts normally don’t final in a single day for me, it doesn’t matter what I do. After an evening sleeping on the silk pillowcase, my blowout seemed fairly good! Not utterly preserved, however significantly better than it usually would. My hair nonetheless retained a good quantity of the amount and curl sample and had extra of a tousled, beachy impact moderately than ‘I simply bought caught in a twister.’”—Kathryn

Straight hair: “Right now, I opted for some free waves in my hair utilizing my T3 roller—I’ve tremendous silky hair that doesn’t maintain effectively it doesn’t matter what I do, particularly in a single day, so I used to be curious to see if the silk pillowcase would change that (thus altering my life). Unhappy to report that my life was not utterly modified, however it did enhance barely. The waves didn’t utterly stick in a single day, however the subsequent morning, because of smoother, frizz-free hair, I used to be in a position to spritz in some dry shampoo and head out with none extra styling or warmth injury.”—Nurain
Day 5: Our editors examined for general hair and pores and skin well being.

Wavy/curly hair: “Once I awoke on Day 5, I checked my pillowcase for strands of hair. As somebody with positive hair that may lack quantity, I’m a bit of delicate about how a lot hair I lose all through the day. With my regular pillowcase, I can normally discover 4 or 5 strands of hair that fell out throughout the evening, however with the silk pillowcase, I solely discovered one. One little strand! I examined for tangles by operating a wide-tooth comb by my hair. As a curly-headed individual, I hardly ever use a hairbrush, however I wished to see if I had fewer tangles with the silk pillowcase than with my regular bedding. I used to be in a position to work the comb by my hair with only some minor snags—an enormous shock for me, contemplating that I can barely get my fingers by my hair on a standard day.” —Kathryn

Straight hair: “The added smoothness and softness from the silk pillowcases gave my hair a a lot shinier and more healthy look. It was noticeably simpler to handle and required lots much less time, effort, and styling—complete lifesaver particularly throughout the week after I’m at all times on the go. Bonus: I additionally seen some further pores and skin advantages—that’s proper, no random breakouts all through the week!”—Nurain

It’s official: each of our editors now swear by silk pillowcases. Prepared to maximise your magnificence sleep? Check out Slip Silk Pillowcase for your self. Within the meantime, we’ll be sleeping on silk from right here on out.

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