Natural Handmade Soap Selection

Make every day your best hair day with these two gorgeous shampoos and conditioners, packed with natural goodness for cleaner, shinier hair with more volume and less frizz.

Shampoo Bar – Lavender & Tea Tree
Shampoo Bar – Lavender and Geranium
Conditioner Bar – Lavender and Tea Tree
Conditioner Bar – Lavender and Geranium

This fabulous pair of double acts gives you two gorgeous shampoos with two matching conditioners, so you can pick and choose according to your mood. The shampoos use castor oil for a wonderfully rich and creamy lather that gently cares for your hair and scalp. Meanwhile, our conditioning bars use a nourishing blend of cocoa butter and castor oil, which leaves hair irresistibly soft as well as free from the dreaded frizz.

It’s plastic-free with recycled, recyclable packaging.

After the amazing Blue Planet II, more and more of us are trying to cut out plastic. We’ve always known it doesn’t decompose, but footage of suffocating sea-creatures really brought the dangers to the front of our minds. As for Friendly Soap, I have never seen such sensible packaging! They don’t use any plastic and their cardboard is both recycled and recyclable. The four different soap bars they sent me arrived in a perfectly fitting cardboard box.


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