Natural Soap. Not just for cleaning.

What if we told you there were even more reasons to love soap than bathing alone? The lubricating, moisturising and fragrant properties of natural soap make it ideal for lots of incredible things you’ve probably never even thought of.


Today, Stephanie from Expert Home Tips is sharing some of her favourite uses for a bar of soap – it’s time to get friendlier than ever with your bar of Friendly Soap!


  1. Prevent your dog from biting furniture


‘Washing your mouth out with soap’ was used as a threat for a reason – soap is notorious for tasting, well, soapy!


If your pets have taken to nibbling on your furniture, try rubbing your bar of soap on the surface in question to discourage them.


  1. Make sewing easier


Even the sharpest of needle will struggle to get through thick fabrics. To make life easier, you can use a bar of soap to provide lubrication.


Slide the tip of your needle over a bar of soap to coat, then sew as normal.


  1. Detect gas leaks using a bar of soap


Gas leaks are something we alls worry about from time to time. If you’ve smelt something funny and want to assure yourself, you can do a quick test using soap.


Rub a bar of soap along the gas pipe in question. If it bubbles, there could be a leak and you should call for assistance immediately.


  1. Use a bar of soap to freshen up smelly shoes


No one wants to be the culprit of stinky shoes – luckily, if you have a bar of soap to hand, you can soon sort them out.


Wrap a bar of Friendly Soap in a sheet kitchen roll and pop it into your shoes overnight. When you wake up, they’ll smell good as new!


  1. Prevent glasses from steaming up


One of the handiest uses for a bar of soap by far is its magical ability to prevent glasses from fogging.


To try this out for yourself, rub a dry bar of soap onto your lenses, then wipe the residue away using kitchen roll.


For a even more unusual uses for your bar of soap, head to Expert Home Tips.


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