New Handmade Soap Friendly Site!!


We have dragged our website kicking and screaming into 2020 with a brand new mobile friendly theme. Our hand made products remain free from cruelty, plastic and nasty chemicals but now it’s even easier to order them on the move 🙂

By using a traditional “cold-process” method, the Friendly Soap company can make a biodegradable soap without any waste products. Unlike most shampoos and shower gels that contain synthetic chemicals – which run into our rivers and eventually the sea – they also use naturally biodegradable ingredients. This is particularly important to me as many places I stay lack any effective waste water filtering systems.

I am not a chemist and do not intend to make any claims about the health dangers of various chemicals, but after becoming mildly allergic to basically everything in a normal bathroom, I am also more selfishly happy that they don’t use the foaming agent/skin irritant SLS or any type of parabens.



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