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There’s one thing so historic and alluring about Sandalwood.

The depth and distinctive richness of this scent have been bewitching individuals since antiquity; and, as quickly as we’re suggested, its easy to see that it varieties the underside of some of probably the most lovely perfumes on the planet.

Possibly with out understanding it, we affiliate this multi-faceted scent with top quality and as one factor to be treasured.

Sadly, in current occasions, our need to embody ourselves with this explicit odor has outstripped our need to treasure it.

The top outcome, not surprisingly, is that the majestic Santalum Album tree that ought to dwell for not lower than 30 years sooner than its treasured oil is harvested, is now endangered or, further significantlyprone’.
The place’s your Sandalwood Cleansing cleaning soap?

For some years now, no matter a lot of purchaser requests, endangered Sandalwood bushes meant that we could not or, further importantly perhaps, would not, create a sandalwood cleansing cleaning soap.

Merely as we do not take the straightforward or furtherenterprise’ route with our merchandise and refuse to utilize palm oil in any of our fluctuate, so we refused (and proceed to refuse) to utilize environmentally-damaging sandalwood oil or any synthetic imitations in any of our soaps.*

That was… until we discovered some non-endangered sandalwood varieties!

Not at all ones to indicate down an issueconsiderably a scent-related one! – for better than 2 years we now have been busily exploring strategies we’d convey you a gorgeously-scented sandalwood cleansing cleaning soap that didn’t have a unfavorable environmental have an effect on.

Over this time, we’ve checked out and experimented with all types of sandalwood oils and suppliers from all over the place on this planet.

And finally, with the kind help of some lovely testers, are very proud to introduce you to the fruits of our labours…

Our mannequin new Inexperienced Sandalwood cleansing cleaning soap!

Inexperienced Sandalwood cleansing cleaning soap
Ethical & Really Pure

Our cleansing cleaning soap is ‘inexperienced’ in that we’ve scented our cleansing cleaning soap 100% naturally with a mixture of non-endangered sandalwood oils from Australia and the Caribbean, that are extreme throughout the all important true essence of sandalwood ‘santalol’.

It’s moreover ‘inexperienced’ on account of as part of our explicit scent combine we’ve added some lovely inexperienced and spicy coronary coronary heart notes.

The sandalwood essential oils add an beautiful creaminess to the cleansing cleaning soap on their very personal, nevertheless to up that feeling of ultimate luxurious, we’ve moreover included the famed pores and pores and skin soother Black Seed Oil, and the winter pores and pores and skin saviour, Sesame Seed Oil.**

We truly are very excited to convey this explicit cleansing cleaning soap to you, and easily need we’d offer you a sniff by the use of the laptop show.

Joyful washing!

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