How a lot will we create? The place does it go? What are the implications?

The place does the waste come from?- Over 40% of plastic waste is immediately from packaging! What we eat, drink, objects, items we purchase all are available packaging, with only a small quantity being recycled most results in landfill.

Do you know {that a} plastic bag has simply 15 minute working life, with 14% of all garbage being plastic bottles excluding the cap and label. #Truth

Smooth Drinks firms are chargeable for 16 million bottles being disposed of EACH DAY within the UK alone. #Truth

Espresso homes ship four billion non recycled cups to landfill yearly, moreover they acknowledge that plastic coating is used on the cups which makes it inconceivable to recycle. #Truth

LITTERING is the largest reason behind plastic discovering its means into our seas and oceans, climate too, can transfer particles, wind, rain can wash blow garbage right into a stream, drain the place it can find yourself within the sea. With plastic bottles taking 400 years to degrade in water, with 215 million metric tons of plastic ending up in our oceans and seas every year. It’s surprising, by 2050 with out change plastic in oceans will out weigh fish. #Truth

Among the most typical objects floating round our seas are:

cigarette butts
microplastics (items of plastic eroded, microbeads)
plastic beverage bottles
plastic netting, packaging straps
plastic luggage
styrofoam cups
plastic caps and lids
plastic straws
glass bottles and items
fishing ghost line, nets and buoys


As soon as plastic is in our oceans it’s there to remain, put there by people. By no means absolutely degrading however as an alternative turns into brittle, breaking eroding into small items – micro plastics (lower than 5mm in diameter) – the dimensions of the air pollution is big.

On our personal shores in Scotland this yr a crew of scientists have been conducting a sea floor sampling of micro plastics, to ascertain how polluted our seas are, as plastic has been present in 1/three of all UK caught fish, which finally ends up on our plate. #Truth

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii used a sand sifter to indicate how a lot garbage micro plastics sits within the sand, the quantity they uncover is surprising see for your self:

The uninhabited island of Henderson within the South Pacific is roofed with 38 million items of trash washed ashore by ocean currents, often called ‘gyres’.

The North Pacific Gyre is house to the Nice Pacific Rubbish Patch which is roughly 270,00 sq. miles and 6 meters deep, 8% of the scale of the Pacific Ocean, a floating island of synthetic particles.


To a sea turtle a floating plastic bag appears like a jelly fish, when ingested it causes blockages of their digestive system and eventual loss of life.

The curious, playful seals will typically play with fragments of plastic netting or packing straps. If the webbing is caught across the seal’s neck it acts as a harness and constrict the seal’s actions, killing the seal by way of hunger, exhaustion, or an infection from deep wounds brought on by the tightening materials.Whereas diving for meals, whales can get caught in translucent nets and drown. Our personal #startbay humpback whale received caught twice in whelk/lobster pots and fishing line, to be efficiently freed, because the tremor may been seen from the land. A whale caught in line will starve to loss of life or drown.

Basking sharks filter an olympic swimming pool of water ever hour, with our seas plagued by micro plastics together with micro beads from beauty merchandise. There feeding is inflicting them to eat and ingest huge quantities of plastic

Sea birds, ingest plastic a while feeding micro plastics mistakenly to their younger they’ll additionally change into entangled within the particles floating in our oceans and sea and even use bits of plastic for his or her nests.A useless albatross was discovered lately with items of plastic from 1940’s in its abdomen. #Truth


Dutch entrepreneur is planning to deploy a pilot system off southern Japan that may, if all goes in response to plan, collect and seize a number of the tens of millions of tons of plastic that’s clogging up the world’s oceans.

Bottle banks in Germany scan barcodes and ship packaging again to producers.

Colombian firm is taking tonnes of discarded plastic and turning it into bricks.

Litter picked up from Haiti seashores within the Caribbean is being made into recycled packaging.

Nearer to Dwelling in Scotland they’re making an attempt to create a bottle deposit return scheme. You possibly can assist by signing the petition:

There are various extra initiatives that people are taking to fight this international downside, maybe the best technique proper now for fixing the persistent plastic downside is seaside cleansing. This what I found and did on the island of Dun Ghanian, Loch Sunnart.

My associate and I paddled to just a little island known as Dun Ghailian house to an previous forte, now house to otters and purple deer, roughly 1400 sq. metres. Upon discovering a small seaside filled with washed up garbage we determined to select it up, we cleaned the complete seaside, in addition to strolling round this small island gathering much more plastic. On our return we found we had collected a wheel barrow filled with plastic and ghost line. Now deposited into the proper waste stream!

Per week later we returned and litter picked the other mainland coast line, discovering an excessive amount of to hold again on the kayaks, we have now collected the waste in a single central level and can go to with each alternative take away as a lot as we will carry.

Even when plastic manufacturing halted tomorrow, the planet could be coping with its environmental penalties for hundreds of years.

Take into consideration what you purchase, what’s the packaging, how can or not it’s disposed of, select a product for its environmental conscience. By no means litter, alway take house what you introduced and extra, litter decide the place ever you go.

Collectively we will reverse the injury with thought and compassion.

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