Say No To Palm Oil

What is the problem with palm oil?

We are all part of the planet’s worst ecological disaster and primate genocide ever. How? By using products with palm oil in them. Most products you wouldn’t even guess contained it.

An area the size of 300 football pitches an HOUR is cleared in Indonesia and Malaysia to make way for its plantations and its not just the orangutans that are being squeezed out. Their home is made up of over 20,000 flowering plant species, 300,000 animal species and don’t forget the trees. It is estimated that 90% of the orangutans habitat has been ravaged in the last 20 years due to palm oil production alone.

This is the really sad bit and why we have become so passionately apposed to this industry.

Orangutans are considered, by the palm oil industry, to be in the way of profit. Deforestation workers have orders to do what ever they deem necessary to get rid of these ‘pests’, no matter how cruel or inhumane. As a result, they are beaten, run over, buried alive, or set on fire. Government data shows that 50,00 orangutans have been killed in the last 20 years and that they are likely to be extinct within 12 years and the rain forest will be completely given over to palm oil production by 2033.

The demand for palm oil is also responsible for river pollution, land erosion and air pollution. In fact, it has been found that palm oil production is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gases.

This is not a sales pitch.

Please buy products that do not contain palm oil. Have a look at what this guy is doing about it. By clicking here.

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