Stay Safe Bunnies use Handmade Soap!!

Wishing everybody a happy and safe easter Weekend from the team at Friendly Soap. Our fabulous Facial Selection is music to your ears and nose and cheeks, thanks to four handmade bars of natural soap that will leave you feeling perfectly pampered.

Each bar has been carefully selected for its unique and caring properties, like Shea Butter for eczema or wrinkles, therapeutic Cocoa Butter for acne, and fragrance-free Aloe Vera for gently moisturising your skin. We’ve even included a special Detox bar with activated charcoal for tackling those toxins. Like of all of our soaps, this bunch are completely natural and cruelty-free too, so they’ll leave you feeling great inside and out.

A dream team of facial cleansers, we’ve selected four of our famously ethical products that can help with everything from eczema, acne and detoxing, right through to hiding those pesky wrinkles.

As a big fan of Friendly’s shampoo bars I was excited to try out the Travel Soap. While being stuck at home wasn’t the situation this bar was designed for, I was surprised at how versatile it was and how long it’s lasted. It’s also super handy having a bar that does so much so if you run out of hand soap or laundry powder you can switch the bar and save a trip to the shops.

Right now is great time to not only be supporting local UK businesses, but also to be making more environmental and purse-friendly choices. Its also nice to know that at a time like this with increased inequality between companies and people, Friendly actually cares about transparency, ethics and the people that work for them. (

Make the bar last

When using the soap, I like to cut up the bar into five or ten small pieces with a knife that way it lasts longer and I can fit a few different types of soap into my tin (it sits really nicely next to the Shaving Bar).

Compared to other soap I’ve used before it holds up really well in smaller blocks because of all the oil in the handmade soap. It doesn’t disintegrate and the bar lasts for ages even sat in a bit of water. Cutting it up also lets you store the bar in handy places, I keep some in the shower, by the sink and next to the washing machine.


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