Still using microbeads in your products?


Are you still using plastic microbeads, when you could use hemp seed bran which is packed full of moisturising oils and vitamin e, its also a great exfoliant!

You don’t need added plastic microbeads in your bathroom that harm the seas ecosystem.

Use any of the Friendly Soap range, made using coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter, hemp bran and lemon grass essential oil……..Naturally moisturising and great for your skin.

Friendly Soap will never use a plastic, which is derived from petrol, to bulk out a product and claim it as a ‘benefit’. We don’t want to harm the sea, the animals or the beaches.

All Friendly Soaps, facial bars, shampoos and shaving bars are Vegan Society registered and Cruelty Free International approved.

Ethical soap that doesn’t cost the earth!

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