The Spirit of Adventure

Kyrgyzstan Expedition

with a little help from Friendly Soap

When I first started preparing for a ski mountaineering expedition to Kyrgyzstan, knowing that we would be spending 3 weeks in the remote Ak-Shirak mountain range, one of my first concerns was the effect our base camp at 3,700m would leave behind on the environment. Our aim was to make multiple first ascents and first ski descents in this area that has seen very little human, let alone mountaineering activity,  and whilst doing this we were keen to leave no footprint on the environment behind, just our ski tracks.

There are different personal hygiene standards on an expedition such as this one to those experienced in every day civilization, however sometimes, the most reviving thing you can do on a rest day is have the best mock-up of a wash that you can create. Since we wanted to make sure that we neither harmed the local water source with chemicals nor took excessive or plastic packaging with us, we turned to Friendly Soap to help us out with our personal hygiene.

During the three weeks, Friendly Soap kept us healthy, the detox bar having been secured to a rope and attached to the hand washing station, and also clean.

The cocoa facial bars were used for a daily quick face wash (for those of us that had a daily facial wash) and the travel bars provided the perfect solution to the intermittent hair and full body washing. In fact the soap was the best thing about the washing. The freezing cold, glacial melt water river certainly did not provide much joy at all!

Our trip was a success, the group claiming 10 first ascents and 14 first ski descents between them and as a bonus I came back from the expedition as a number 1. Friendly Soap fan. I have a bar that lives in my sports bag, one for my travel bag, one in my shower and one by the sink for my face. I can truly say I have denounced shampoo, shower gel and face wash that is made with things no non-chemist understands and comes with way more plastic packaging than required.

Thank you Friendly Soap for not just helping us protect the environment in Kyrgyzstan, but also for literally changing my life!


Sarah Hannibal

Lead Associate
Retirement Practice
Willis Towers Watson 
Talstrasse 62 | Postfach | 8021 Zürich | Switzerland

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