Truly Green Sandalwood Soap

There’s something so historic and alluring about Sandalwood.

The depth and unique richness of this scent have been bewitching people since antiquity; and, as soon as we’re informed, its simple to see that it kinds the bottom of a few of the most beautiful perfumes on the planet.

Maybe with out realizing it, we affiliate this multi-faceted scent with high quality and as one thing to be treasured.

Sadly, lately, our need to encompass ourselves with this particular odor has outstripped our need to treasure it.

The consequence, not surprisingly, is that the majestic Santalum Album tree that should reside for at the least 30 years earlier than its treasured oil is harvested, is now endangered or, extra particularly ‘weak’.
The place’s your Sandalwood Cleaning soap?

For some years now, regardless of a large number of buyer requests, endangered Sandalwood bushes meant that we couldn’t or, extra importantly maybe, wouldn’t, create a sandalwood cleaning soap.

Simply as we don’t take the straightforward or extra ‘industrial’ route with our merchandise and refuse to make use of palm oil in any of our vary, so we refused (and proceed to refuse) to make use of environmentally-damaging sandalwood oil or any artificial imitations in any of our soaps.*

That was… till we found some non-endangered sandalwood varieties!

By no means ones to show down a problem – notably a scent-related one! – for greater than 2 years we’ve been busily exploring methods we may carry you a gorgeously-scented sandalwood cleaning soap that didn’t have a damaging environmental affect.

Over this time, we’ve checked out and experimented with all kinds of sandalwood oils and suppliers from all around the world.

And eventually, with the type assist of some beautiful testers, are very proud to introduce you to the fruits of our labours…

Our model new Inexperienced Sandalwood cleaning soap!

Inexperienced Sandalwood cleaning soap
Moral & Actually Pure

Our cleaning soap is ‘inexperienced’ in that we’ve scented our cleaning soap 100% naturally with a mix of non-endangered sandalwood oils from Australia and the Caribbean, which might be excessive within the all essential true essence of sandalwood ‘santalol’.

It’s additionally ‘inexperienced’ as a result of as a part of our particular scent mix we’ve added some beautiful inexperienced and spicy coronary heart notes.

The sandalwood important oils add an exquisite creaminess to the cleaning soap on their very own, however to up that feeling of final luxurious, we’ve additionally included the famed pores and skin soother Black Seed Oil, and the winter pores and skin saviour, Sesame Seed Oil.**

We actually are very excited to carry this particular cleaning soap to you, and simply want we may give you a sniff via the pc display screen.

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