What Natural Soap Bars Concealer to Use for Dry Under Eyes

There’s only one thing worse than waking up with scaly skin, and that’s having to apply makeup over it. Constantly wrestling with dry skin during your daily foundation routine is enough to make anyone crack, especially when it comes to the pesky under eye area.

Applying concealer to an overly dry under-eye shows no mercy. The challenging contours of that area reveal every line, flake, and uneven tone. But that ends right now.

First, make sure you’ve got a good hydration-focused skincare regimen complete with a moisturizing eye cream. Next, reach for creamy concealers infused with skin-quenching ingredients that are rich enough to combat dryness and light enough to last the whole day without creasing. Here’s a list of dry eye-approved concealers offering varying finishes, yet the same comfortable, cake-free result.

Magic Away Liquid Concealer sweeps away imperfections with a creamy, full-coverage formula infused with moisturizing ingredients. Skin-conditioning palmitoyl glycine and firming Persian silk tree bark extract help to create a flawless eye contour for a youthful result. The most magical part? This concealer also treats, soothes and hydrates for healthier under eyes even after you remove it.

Hello, hyaluronic acid! The Etherealist Concealer contains this water-attracting ingredient along with an oxygenating complex for a breathable but plumping layer of concealer that melts into skin. It’s not called “Super Natural” for nothing. This ultra-light formula disguises imperfections with light-reflecting particles that correct, highlight, and perfect skin without settling into dry skin or fine lines.

One of my personal favorites, Boi-ing Industrial Strength Concealer provides heavy-duty coverage while still maintaining a soft, flexible finish. Matte full coverage, concealers often exacerbate under eye creasing and caking because they lack shine-causing ingredients (oil, mica, etc.). Boi-ing’s imperfection erasing formula contains vitamin E and Candelilla wax for creamy application with a matte finish, minus the scaly aftermath. After application, dry under eyes look smooth and well rested.

“Un” Cover-Up enhances your skin with a glow-inducing formula infused with dry-skin busting ingredients like coconut oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil. This quenching concoction melts into under eyes to promote healthier contours. No need to moisturize or prime skin before application—simply dip into the pot and apply sparingly for blendable and buildable coverage.

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