Why are Friendly Soap so great then?

Written by Katie Featherstone of www.featherytravels.com

Why are Friendly Soap so great then?

The soap is biodegradable and doesn’t contain synthetic chemicals.


By using a traditional “cold-process” method, the Friendly Soap company can make a biodegradable soap without any waste products. Unlike most shampoos and shower gels that contain synthetic chemicals – which run into our rivers and eventually the sea – they also use naturally biodegradable ingredients. This is particularly important to me as many places I stay lack any effective waste water filtering systems.

I am not a chemist and do not intend to make any claims about the health dangers of various chemicals, but after becoming mildly allergic to basically everything in a normal bathroom, I am also more selfishly happy that they don’t use the foaming agent/skin irritant SLS or any type of parabens.

It’s plastic-free with recycled, recyclable packaging.

After the amazing Blue Planet II, more and more of us are trying to cut out plastic. We’ve always known it doesn’t decompose, but footage of suffocating sea-creatures really brought the dangers to the front of our minds. As for Friendly Soap, I have never seen such sensible packaging! They don’t use any plastic and their cardboard is both recycled and recyclable. The four different soap bars they sent me arrived in a perfectly fitting cardboard box.


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