How commercial soap has fooled us all.

The Commercial Soap Con.

As the industrial age became more and more technologically advanced, cleaning agents, detergents and soaps all became brighter, smellier and better at removing oil and dirt. They became cheaper and could be produced in massive amounts.

SOAP-PRODUCTION-LINEAre we saying that this means that it became better?

Well no, in fact we are suggesting the opposite. The soap that we all buy, and have been for years is actually closer in formula to powdered detergent than traditional soap and in the never ending quest for more profit the commercial soap industry has blatantly disregarded our and the planets health and well being.

Soap advertisements constantly go on about their soap not drying your skin because they add lotions and cremes which will bring your skin back to life. They have made everyone believe that soap dries their skin out. Not true if its natural soap. They deliberately don’t tell us that they have removed all the moisturising glycerin so that they can create moisturising products to us all at a massive profit.

Whats wrong with making a profit?

The problem arises when the commercial companies replace that natural glycerin with a whole host of cheap to produce and harmful chemicals back in to give the impression of moisturising. Just look at the ingredients. There is only 3 ingredients needed to make soap, some of these commercial soaps have hundreds and I challenge you to know what most of them are. Don’t forget that this all gets washed down the drain and is going into our rivers and and wild life.

Stick to Natural Soap.


Natural soap is full if glycerin and has nonsaponified oils left in it, both of which, moisturise your skin naturally, will not cause irritation and will bio-degrade without causing our planet any harm.

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