Why use Natural Soap?

Why Look For Natural Soap?

The next time you go to buy some soap and are confronted by the heady scents and overly bright colours filling the shop’s toiletry shelves, stop for a moment to read the labels. Most of the products you assume are soap won’t even be labelled up as such. More than likely, they have been called ‘Beauty Bars’ or ‘Moisturising Bars’, but not ‘Soap’. Ask yourself. Why?

The answer is that these products cannot be legally sold as Soap. They are infact, detergents. They are synthetic attempts at soap, full of cheap lathering agents, and chemicals. They are incredibly bad for you and our environment.

Why Is Natural Soap Better?

Commercial soap manufacturers take out all the glycerine that is produced naturally during soap making. Why? To make money. Glycerine moisturises your skin and so without it the left over product dries out your skin, so you need to go and buy something they have put the glycerine in, to moisturise you skin. Simple money making scam.

They also fill the product with harsh lathering agents, preservatives, scents and colours because this is cheaper than making Natural Soap. Some of these chemicals have been linked with cancers and you can read further about this here.

Choose Natural Soap For Your Skin.

Your skin is porous and absorbent. What ever you put on it stays there and gets into your body very easily. As easily as eating it. Over use of these cheap faux-soap products will lead to harsh chemicals being stored in your body fat.

Choose Natural Soap For The Environment.

Every time you use these commercial detergents you are flushing these chemicals into our rivers and even back into your bodies because it has been found, that synthetic chemicals such as parabens are not filtered out at water purification works.

Choose Natural Soap Every time.

By choosing natural soap you can voice your anger with this situation. These companies are putting profit before your health.

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Next time we’ll be having a go at the palm oil industry. Let us know your thoughts.

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